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Therapeutic Massage Could Be the Solution You have Been Looking For

Are you living with muscle aches as a result of a repetitive sport or job? There is a good chance that therapeutic massage can help you find relief!

A therapeutic massage is a common form of physical therapy that aids in the loosening of tight areas in your joints and muscles, as well as enhancing healing. With therapeutic massage, you can get back on track to achieving your end goal, whether it is to improve your athletic performance or simply to live more comfortably.

Therapeutic Massage for Athletes

Verywell Health’s site states “Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training, or for rehabilitation. From elite athletes to recreational exercisers, it is a popular choice.”

If you are an athlete, you know how much time it takes to excel at your sport. You must train your muscles and tissues to perform optimally, which can result in discomfort and pain over time that may even temporarily impede your training process.

This is where massage therapy comes in! Loosening the muscles relieves discomfort and improves mobility, which helps to restructure the body and allows you to improve your performance and get back into the game.

The 4 Common Types of Therapeutic Massage

There are many different types of massage, and our physical therapist may also recommend these to complement your physical therapy treatments, including:

Myofascial release-

This type of massage creates room for tissues that may be trapped by distortions or fascial adhesions, freeing them from constriction.

Swedish massage-

This type of massage relaxes any stiff or tense muscles you may have, allowing for increased blood flow and fluid drainage from swollen areas.

Deep tissue massage-

This type of massage loosens up your muscles and their connective tissues.

Thai massage-

This type of massage combines compression acupressure and passive stretching to improve range of motion and posture.

By working to mobilize, loosen, and relax these muscles before you train, you can help them stay limber throughout the process. This will decrease your risk of strains, sprains, and ruptures.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Tissues Healthy

Your muscles are made up of many short, thin fibers that contract and work together to mobilize your muscle groups. Connective tissues known as tendons, connect these muscles to your bones allowing them to move your body parts. For added stability, your bones are connected by tough bands of connective tissue called ligaments. Fascia is a type of connective tissue that covers your ligaments. All of these connective tissues are known as “soft tissues.”

Soft tissues aid joint mobilization and give the body the resilience it needs to carry out activities. Your soft tissues allow you to do a lot of things, but they also keep you from overworking yourself. Certain stresses, particularly those caused by repeated actions during athletic activity, can cause damage to these soft tissues.

When you have a tendon tear, you will notice a lot of swelling and inflammation. Sprains are caused by a ligament stretching farther than it should. These injuries can occur as a result of the intensity of your sport, but they can also occur if your muscles are simply too tight before beginning one of your workouts.

Massage therapy can help with this because it relaxes the muscles and may even prevent some of these injuries from occurring in the first place.

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