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Pro-X Physical Therapy specializes in finding the root-cause for the body dysfunctions; Our integrative assessment and treatment always focuses on whole-body wellness approach and on preventative strategies to ensure you stay better.

As body kinetics experts we know that at its core, the body functions as one unit during any motion. We believe that no part of the body should be dealt with in isolation and that movement is not caused by a single joint, muscle, or muscle group, rather the body is a

kinetic chain of motions. If one segment is not working properly, it will affect the global motion of the body and cause faulty movement and pain.

At PRO-X Therapy we are not just physical therapists but movement specialists.

“He who treats the site of the pain is often lost.” – Prof. Lewit


Our unique approach couples a multi-technique, continuously trained and experienced therapy specialist with each patient. Our patients are important and we take your treatment seriously, which is why we remain by your side throughout treatment, unlike typical physical therapy.

At the end of a detailed preliminary assessment where we analyze the movement patterns of our patients to find the weakest link in the kinetic chain, we have both listened and examined the interplay of your body; we create a personalized sound treatment plan for fast recovery with long-term benefits.

This unique approach is called Intelligent Body Balancing™.

Intelligent Body Balancing is designed to encourage proper functional movement and promote correct motion and posture, restoring and enhancing physical wellness and performance.

Intelligent Body Balancing uses our expertise in physical, manual, and wellness therapy to help your rehabilitation to be pain-free and stay active for life.

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