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Fascial Manipulation was developed in Italy by Luigi Stecco, a physical therapist. He was frustrated with:

  • The time it took for patients to recover from pain and injury.

  • The frequent recurrence of the patient’s symptoms after the initial recovery.

  • Pain which was not relieved with other treatment methods.

The technique is based on the fascial system of the body. All the soft tissues in the body are wrapped in layers of fascia.

These include: muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs.

Fascia holds everything together and gives us healthy pain free motion as the layers slide over hyaluronan.

You can think of this as the ‘grease’ of the body.

Soft tissue becomes dense, stiff and ridged as we age and accumulate damage. Possible sources for this include: past injury, normal use over time, natural aging, over use, under use, dehydration and trauma.

This increase in tissue density alters movement and causes pain and other symptoms in the joints and the soft tissues. As the density builds up, normal movement is changed resulting in dysfunctions in your body. These lead to damage in the soft tissues and surrounding nerves, muscles and joints. Chronic pain and surgery result if left untreated.

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