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Kym Dameworth, Pilates Instructor

Kym has a wealth of knowledge and experience! She has a Doctorate in Physiotherapy, and an honorary doctorate in Functional Biomechanics, Anatomy, plus other certificates from various studies and programs. She is a biomechanics specialist and also specializes in rehab post abdominal reconstruction.

Kym’s background includes intense training and success as an elite-level gymnast. Unfortunately, when missing a dismount from the balance beam she sustained career-ending injuries to her back, femur, and shoulder. Kym’s orthopedic at the time put her in Pilates for rehab, as she was too strong for traditional physical therapy (PT). Through this process, she learned about the “core.” This piqued her interest, starting her lifelong study of Pilates, learning to use her body efficiently to heal and avoid surgeries.

As her education continued Kym now uses movements infused from her Pilates background and other training for all her rehab, along with any strength, functional movement, flexibility, stability & mobility. She believes we should all learn how to use our bodies pain-free. Knowing the difference between pain & something that is just stiff & sore. Quality over quantity and understanding how to efficiently move our bodies is always a goal to live by.

Kym has worked in several clinics & hospitals as a PT but always finds herself back in the studio. 

She continues to study the body, various therapies, and movement practices to expand her knowledge and further understand how to challenge anyone & everyone who comes in to train.

As Kym continues on her path to helping others, she also never stops learning! She recently added another certificate to her training with Neurokinetic Therapy TM (NKT). 

While balancing her successful career she also loves being a mother and wife to Bryce, Kylie, and Bryan.

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