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Heal From Your Sports Injury Faster with Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping may provide you with the relief you are looking for. Pro-X Physical Therapy offers this type of therapy to help relieve pain, promote recovery, increase mobility, improve range of motion, and most importantly get you back to doing the activities you love.

What Can I Gain With Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio taping aids in the restoration of function by repairing damaged connections between the skin and the muscles, joints, and tendons beneath it. It works by preventing pain receptors from reaching the brain. If these pain signals are not received, the muscles in the affected area will relax and the risk of spasms will decrease dramatically. Pressure limits blood flow and movement in the affected area, but once the pain is relieved, blood flow and movement are restored.

There are many reasons why this treament may be useful to you in your healing journey! These include, but are not limited to:

Swelling reduction –

It helps to decrease swelling caused by surgery, injury, or overuse by limiting the pressure between the skin and the tissues underneath. This allows any buildup of fluid to travel freely and promotes better movement of the affected area.

Pain relief –

The brain no longer receives painful messages from the affected area because pain receptors are suppressed, allowing the muscles to relax. This allows for more mobility, quicker recovery, and a more relaxing treatment experience overall.

Joint stabilization –

Some conditions may make it difficult for joints to stay in place. Kinesio taping can help stabilize and provide support for these joints, while still allowing them to move around their intended range of motion.

Scar tissue management –

Healing from trauma can cause a thick band of scar tissue to develop around the affected area, which can obstruct movement signals. Kinesio taping can stretch your scar tissue, making movement signals more easily communicated and therefore increasing your mobility.

How Is Kinesio Taping Performed?

At your first visit, our Agoura Hills, CA physical therapist will conduct a thorough assessment to determine if Kinesio taping is the best option for your treatment plan. Our physical therapists will apply Kinesio tape to the affected area of your body as well as any other areas of your body that are causing you discomfort or stiffness. Based on your specific needs, they will incorporate a variety of exercises and procedures into their treatment plans.

Many of our patients have discovered that Kinesio taping has assisted them in returning to a normal daily routine with no residual discomfort or stiffness.

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